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Phone unlocking

Without unlocking your phone it will be restricted to just the one carrier and you will have no freedom to switch between different networks. But worry not! Mobile unlocking removes the restriction set on network carriers that many new phones today come with so that you can switch between all kinds of sim cards all over the world without any trouble at all.

Phone Clinic 4 U provides top notch mobile unlocking services so that you can enjoy network freedom. If your phone is locked and does not support your network carrier it will offer an invalid sim card error or something akin that renders network services unreachable and thus the most important functions of your mobile phone unusable. To access your network you need to first unlock the phone.

How can we do this for you? Unlocking depends on the make and model of your phone. We ask for those details along with your phone’s IMEI number to provide you with an unlock code. The best part is that to unlock your phone you don’t even have to come to one of our many shops all over the country, it can just as easily be done remotely but you with a little help from us. Send us details, we send you the code and you enter it. And voila! Your network is now accessible. It can be as easy as that.

Though often it is not possible to unlock it with a simple code, but fear not. We also provide special software that can unlock your phone through your computer in a matter of minutes with no trouble at all on your part. But if you don’t want to deal with any of that, just bring your phone to one of our outlets and we will unlock it for you in no time.