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Company Profile

Director: Khadim Hussain
Email: info@phoneclinic4u.com
Phone: 01743 354984


Phone Clinic 4 U is a UK based, successful and growing mobile phone sales and services company that specializes in bringing its customers with the latest phones on the market and their accessories along with other services. We have stores located all over the country that strive to provide our customers with quality services such as mobile phone unlocking and phone repairs.

Our goal is to be the ultimate one stop shop for any and all mobile phones and mobile accessories. With numerous retail centers Phone Clinic 4 U is easily accessible and has quickly become a preferred retail outlet for customers for mobile devices, parts, accessories, services and repairs.

Phone Clinic 4 U’s success stems from our dedication to always providing our customers with quality products and dedicated services. We aim to treat each customer with care, putting in extra effort to ensure that they are fully and completely satisfied with our products and services.

Our staff is fully equipped to help customers pick out the most suitable phones for them depending on their needs and specifications. With all the latest phones on hand, customers can easily find the exact make and model that they are in need of. Our store stocks a variety of brands to supply phones and accessories in all price ranges to accommodate all customers. We like to ensure that each customer leaves the store with what they came looking for.

If you are looking for a shop that is dedicated to bringing you top of the line, latest products and a wide variety of options to make your choice from, or simply a place that you can trust to have your mobile phone repaired or unlocked at reasonable rates then Phone Clinic 4 U is exactly the shop that you are looking for.